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Depth Tension Line Speed Panel (DTLS)

Depth Tension Line Speed Panel (DTLS). The Depth, Line Speed and Line Tension Panel uses three industrial process meters to provide simultaneous digital readouts.

Meter 1 is setup in a counting mode and can accommodate virtually any depth encoder resolution.

Meter 2 is setup in a rate \ counter indicator mode and runs from the same encoder signals as Meter 1. It can display either depth or line speed.

Meter 3 senses a 4 - 20 ma signal from a pressure transducer connected to the measuring head weight indicator system, to display line tension.

Main Feature of Depth Tension Line Speed Panel (DTLS)

The panel is intended to be powered by a 12 volt battery with no AC Input and contains DC-DC conveters providing regulated 12.0 volts and 5.0 volts for indicator and encoder power. The panel also provides 24 volts excitation for the pressure transducer.

The encoder pulses are buffered and output to the rear connectors for input to the logging system and are also converted to depth and direction signals and routed to the depth and line speed meters. A retransmitted 4 - 20 ma signal is also available at the rear panel for input into the logging system. The depth and alarm signals can be set manually or from the logging system via the USB connection.

The faceplate dimensions are 19” by 3.5”. The chassis is 17” by 3.5” by 8.25” deep, but allow 3” of additional rack depth for panel connections. The panel weight is 10 pounds.