Scientific Data Systems, Inc.
Warrior Data Acquisition Systems
About Scientific Data Systems, Inc.


Scientific Data Systems, Inc. - SDS - is a Texas corporation engaging in the development, manufacturing, and sales of Warrior Data Acquisition Systems using Windows OS platform and the well-known Warrior Data Aquisition Logging software.

Founded in 1993 by Rich Warner and Nigel Prior, later joined by David Wadsworth and Adam Gresswell. SDS has grown to be a valuable company in the data acquisition logging business.

People and Experience

SDS provides ongoing support of hardware and software as well as offering expert engineering development. Most of our staff have over 40 years of technical, operational and field training experience directly related to well logging.

Hardware Design

SDS builds and customizes Cased and Open Hole wireline logging systems for the petroleum and other industries worldwide. SDS has developed a simple, "off-the-shelf" downhole telemetry system available for tool and sensor developers wanting to reduce development time and costs at the same time producing a Warrior Logging System compatable product. In additon, we built and designed Depth Tension Line Speed Panel.

Software Development

SDS has developed software application for Cased Hole, Open Hole, Slick Line, Memory, and LWD utilizing the central logging platform. Warrior Data Acquistition Software compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

Production and Distribution

Our Warrior Data Logging Systems are manufactured and quality controlled in Houston, Texas. From assembly to delivery of the product, our specialized engineers and technicians are constantly testing the equipment to make sure the product is ready for immediate use. The Warrior Data Logging System and Warrior Logging Software are distributed worldwide by SDS itself and by other companies listed below:

Probe Technologies, Forth Worth, Texas

Artex USA , Brenham, Texas

Kesh Downhole Measurements, Alberta Canada