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        SDS has released a new November 15, 2023 Warrior 8 P10V6 software, in both 32 bit and 64 bit and Windows 10, Windows 11.

This Warrior 8 release requires a P10V6 license. If you do not have the P10V6 license, please contact SDS to obtain a P10V6 license code file for Warrior 8 releases.


Please download and read the Warrior 8 Software Maintenance Agreement first in order to understand the Warrior 8 Software license.


Scientific Data Systems, Inc.

3401 Bacor Road

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Email: sds.info@warriorsystem.com

Phone: 281-398-1612

Warrior 8 P10V6 releases November 15, 2023





Warrior 8 P10V6 releases Notes November 15, 2023


Warrior 7 Backup Utility for Warrior 8 (This is the utility to bring in Services, Tools, and Warrior Configurations setup from Warrior 7 to use on Warrior 8)


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For earlier versions of Warrior Software (Warrior 7 and 8) Please contact SDS