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Include Plot Job Editor files in Database

Started by Gabriel Rivera, April 21, 2019, 11:25:42 AM

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Gabriel Rivera

Dear SDS Team,

We would like to request you the inclusion of some files in the .db file and we hope it would be possible. The problems that we are facing are that sometimes depending on the customer we use different .prs, .hdg, image files, .pdf and other extra files provided in the field and used for the final report, the field copy. After the job sometimes is necessary to generate again the final report and this is done usually in other computer different that the one used in the field. The problems appear when the "Plot Job Editor" tries to access to those new or modified files that were generated and are stored in the computer used in the field. Because those files are not in the new computer, the report is not possible to be generated properly.
The compact .db file generated in each job is really useful because it contains all the log data, however, it lacks of functionality in terms of holding format or presentation information.
The format files and extra files used in the Plot Job Editor to generate the report are in general light, with less than 100 KB of size each one of the required files. Therefore, we would like to know if it is possible for you to make the necessary changes in the algorithm which could allow that by saving the file generated by Plot Job Editor in the database, it could also store in the database all the other required files needed to generate the reports without the need of accessing and copying files from other terminal.

We will be waiting for any comments to this request.

Kind Regards