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Dongles working one day and the next day won't

Started by cometabart, April 26, 2016, 01:57:56 AM

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I'm using Warrior 8.02 on 2 laptops and 8.03 on 2 different ones. My 2 dongles are connected inside 2 STIPs.

One day while opening acquisition I'm able to work and power up tools with no problems (no matter what laptop/STIP I'm using). The next day, acquisition won't open: a message saying "Unable to find a valid access code for your Software Key..." will appear.

Sometimes I just have to wait for several hours with the laptop ON, try again and acquisition will open just like magic. Sometimes I have to wait one day.

This is happening on my Dongles U9438 & U9439 (P10V0000 License). I know the license is not compatible with the Warrior version (P10V1), so the question is: Why is it allowing me to open acquisition sometimes?

STIPs CP20132098 & CP20132097
Windows 7 64 bits
Warrior 8.03 & 8.02 32 bit


My "Guess" is when they are working, you are running under sticky permissions. When you are on Warrior 8 connected to a valid acquisition key for a period of time, if you then disconnect you can still do most functions without being connected to any key.