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Possible to have both SDS Warrior panels and Sondex Midas on same pc?

Started by mawrick, April 25, 2014, 02:31:19 AM

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Is it possible to run botrh SDS Warrior panels (with the Sondex ULM interface card) and the Sondex Midas panel from the same pc/warrior installation?.

Only having to switch between panel types in the control panel? - or does it require separate installations/PC's?.

(IIRC there is difference between the two systems when warrior is installed?).



No one knows if this is possible ?.

Does it realy require two separate pc ? (As we do use both STIP and Sondex panels - or rather we have a few STIP panels - but would like them to be available for use on the same pc's we use with the Sondex panels).


It should not require separate computers. When you plug the computer into one of the panels, it should find the software key for that panel.
You will have to have separate services and somehow know which to use at the time.