Warrior Release Notes - 15 Nov 2023

Warrior Logging System version 23.11.15001 P010V006

Warrior 8 Release 2023_11_15

Add calibrations for WMIDS temperature curves and transmitter power control to the user interface
Warrior Backup: New features will show patch version in Control Panel and patch updates in Release Notes. History button on Restore tab to view changed files since release.
Sitan WVF vertical scale changed to +/- 2.5v
Additional calibration report options for multifinger caliper - tolerance checks for calibration offset, linear fit gain and offset
Optional calibration offset tolerance check/report for caliper arms
Unifire: Add more shot log details to event log from perf log stat message.
Add consumption report to diagnostic report zip.
Stagewizard - fix refresh of stage list when entering stop depths.
Report perforating power stats honoring polarity
Support for BlackFrac addressable switches
Unifire: Enhance gap switch detection. Detect gaps in switch inventory, gray out missing items.
Perf Job Plan enhancements for building longer guns with multiple intervals.
New WizImport2.exe - supports array type data from LAS3 and CSV.
IPlot - Annotation updates: Set button image to match annot orientation.
Save/Restore annotation orientation.
Right click annotation tool button for menu.
ASCII Import: Beta available for importing LAS3 and CSV. Contact SDS for details.
Warrior Gauge: Make sure gauge size/position are restored on desktop properly. Don't show units with values on List type gauge.
Unifire - add option to add shot annotation to depth pass. Text annotation will show gun name and CCL depth.
Service Editor: If GaugeX is deleted, renumber the rest of the gauges.
Event Log Viewer: Keep track of selected item when filter applied, scroll to that item when filter cleared. Add horizontal scroll bar for long event text.
Warrior Companion keys now support "Internet Import" functionality - utilizing the Warrior to Warrior direct database transmission utilities
Correct status channel reporting for Robertson Geolog comms through Warrior surface panel
Electric log panel support reverted to legacy panels only
IPlot: Fix edit log curve interpolation for high sample rates. Interpolation was skipping over data.

Warrior 8 Release 2023_02_14

Databases that have had an attempted automatic fix will now be made read-only once attempts have been made.
Control Fire brown out support, 0x00 address enable and UniFire update improvements
Addressable Switches PostInvSleepmS setting (universal) to delay re-enable of Inventory/Arm buttons in UniFire
HoistDisplay: Don't save/restore hoist position if minimized.
Format editor: Bug fix huge numbers for scales, was truncating at 10 digits. Enable wrap mode for curve list type.
Control Fire - Support 0x00 ID and enhanced brownout detection/notification to UniFire
XYPlot - Add Portrait / Landscape option default plot presentation.
Optional tolerance checks for XY caliper verifications

Warrior 8 Release 2022_12_19

Unifire: Fix for stop depth not refreshing. Updates to enhanced message box functions to show up on top of Unifire window.
DNOISE update to support GDT DNST multi-channel tool
FDP update to support Before/After Surveys with Spartek tools

Warrior 8 Release 2022_10_19

Warrior software no longer supports Windows 7.

Enhanced disk free space check while logging.
RTCalc - new formulas added to build arrays. See servedit help for more details.
Added support for new Spartek nozzle flow meters (12 pulses/rev)
Unifire updates:
Import Stages from CSV - example csv installed in Warrior\Manual folder.
Enhanced Display - just rounds the corners of buttons for now.
Report -> Diagnostic - diagnostic zip to gather up data for client support.
Toolbar -> Edit Stage - only one button for stage wizard.
Stage Wizard - Toolbar for Save, Add, Delete stage.
Support for Probe Addressable switches
Scripted Frames Generic Manchester Encoding telemetry support
Caliper Correction: Added corrected radii based min, max and average outputs.

Warrior 8 Release 2022.5.11

Warrior software no longer supports Windows 7.

Device support for Warrior embedded depth interface
Preliminary Data Push mode for high definition data streaming
Services Editor enhancements.
Added user defined real time calculations/outputs.
See Help from Service Editor for details.
Allow perforating service correlate mode to power with shooting panel in ARM position when hardware permits
Perf Job Planner - POS/NEG perforating fix.
Unifire - Bug fix abort when saving layout.
Support 14 arm Gowel caliper tool
CWH Fluid ID output available for std 3pt cal type

Warrior 8 Release 2021_11_11

Warrior software no longer tested with Windows 7.

Support for Hunting Titan ControlFire addressable switches
Support for Owen GoFire2 addressable switches
Warnings for Guardian VPM (switch modules) when powering off or switching unsafely
Support for Rock E-Select addressable switches
Support for SDS Combined Cased Hole Tool Panel / Shooting Panel
Warrior Export: LAS, LAS3, CSV - add option for date time format as numeric.
Unifire - New option to enable tab control for Inventory/Arm/Fire. Button with focus can operate with space bar. Completed Inventory will set focus to Arm, then successful Arm will set focus to Fire, etc.
XYPlot: Add right click quick look. Autoscale honor current scale ascent/descent.
Speed up pdf/tiff printing.

Warrior 8 Release 2021_06_04

Please note: Due to Microsoft product lifecycles, any future enhancements or patches may not install on operating systems prior to Windows 10.

Automatically created shot logs (hi-res time-based data) for all perforating
Break Acquisition service menu into columns
Titan NG telemetry Version 3 support
Baumer device support added to Asctel
Waveform display – Bugfix glitch when moving ganged gates
Borehole image display and plot supports more types such as sector maps. See app help for more details.
LISToWar - Bugfix lost units
Unifire -
No Persist plug can have stop depths also
Reset Correlate/Perf Mode switch to Perf Mode when service is loaded
XY plot bugfix - was not always showing proper annotations
Services Editor - Back up and restore Gate settings with service
Interactive Plot bugfix for auto annotations
IMG - bugfix stall in recalculation
TVD report bugfix for presenting multiple pages
Grid editor - simplify editing of grids and tracks using insert and delete keys

Warrior 8 Release 2020_12_11

Monitor drop-outs in USB traffic with DSP, warn in event log when over 1 second passes
Support ISI-100 Rev 2 addressable switch frame/commands
Fast TVOLT/TCURR session update in use during perforating with addressable switches. Options to monitor deltas to look for wiring/short issues
Services Editor - Backup / restore multiple presentations for service
Unifire - Add shortcut for Heading Editor, Banner Editor and Plot Job Editor. Support redundant switches. XY Format and stage minimum distance options. Use Acquisition Numerics refresh rate for all Unifire gauges except Depth. Unifire Depth use Unifire->DepthRefreshRate from wproperties ( default 100ms )
Dual (redundant) addressable switch ID's supported
Add wproperties setting for directional survey import.


Add csv file option for survey import.
Support for SWM PerfStrike addressable switches
Updates for Electric Log
Tool string editor - Variable length tools will allow you to edit the weight.
SRS addressable switch combinable with correlation telemetries on same polarity
Add file version check for restoring dsp *.out files.
Speed up import/export in Services Editor.
Add Temporary / Permanent option for saving filter changes from Acquisition.
GDT-EMTA: missing monitor dialog re-added.
Probe V2 telemetry multi-frame handling fix

Warrior 8 Release 2020_05_08

Allow correlation curve scales to be edited.
Tools editor - can edit multiple sensor offsets and filters at a time. Right click -> Edit Selected.
Perforating modules - add date to Note on XY Plot.
Bug Fix - correct "oval" calculation in IMG tool module, was using incorrect pairs of diameters.
Titan EMT-24: Added Titan specific license check, and added ability to filter curves.
Unifire - Added optional items: top and bottom jar, bottom release, and safety switch positions.
Format Editor: Update for individual array elements, user can enter base color, offset, color for every nth curve.
Fix for plotting individual array elements - plot was not indexing properly into array.
JobPlan and Stage Manager: Inventory after fire was warning user that gun was still there but did not mark the gun as not fired. Added extra warning message to notify user when that happens.
Event log viewer - when saving as CSV make sure file has csv extension.
Fixes for correlation curves Correlation mode. When using multiple presentations, the correlation curve will refer to the first (tab) presentation.
Img module (mullti-finger caliper processing) will used centered data in downhole calibrations. If using CalibEccCorr for master calibrations then that will be honored for verifications also.
Service with excluded tools was showing wrong sensor offsets in the tool string drawing when the break tool on option was selected.

Warrior 8 Release 2020_03_18

Driver-only reinstall now available through Add/Remove Programs – Modify option. (Can sometimes avoid a complete reinstall after a Windows Update.)
A Well Sketch will be taken from anywhere in the well information if a sketch for a specific run is not found.
Interactive plot: remove tabbed presentation with right click on tab -> Delete presentation.
Event log viewer enhancements
Plot and export individual array elements
Shooting panel PSPM R3 (pt10) support for override current limit and trip logging while in telemetry mode

Warrior 8 Release 2020_01_15

Unifire - UI improvements.
Device driver update for CyShPnl
General support for Weatherford MSC caliper tool

Warrior 8 Release 2019_12_15

Log heading format - new type for n required digits editNUM[x]. Heading won't save without entering value for that item.
Warrior Export - Some of the heading items could get left out of the LAS2/LAS3 export.

Warrior 8 Release 2019_11_19

UniFire - Universal Perforating Interface (Stage)

Data Export - fix issue with long file names for export template.
Fix plot window placement when recalculating gains and offsets for bond log.
Legal disclaimer moved to Control Panel.
"Permanent" edited TVOLT and TCURR calibrations will be stored to hardware when capable (not in recalc).
Spartek support for IMG tool module
Initial support for Spartek/SDSTEL
Added install of FTDI CDM Drivers to main installation.
Tools editor - if calibration type changed, tell user calibrations will be deleted
Support for EDCP depth panel - two depth meters.
WExport - fix command line arguments.
Tools Editor - If calibration type changed, tell user that calibrations will be deleted.
Iplot can show quick pick of R* curvelist.
Fixed Caliper correction cross-section image and potato plot, which were coming out with zeroes under some conditions.
Support for customer supplied casing collar detection module
Tool string editor - compensate for scroll when placing overbody tools.
User settings for NOFIRE detect (in STD tool)
Fix merge wizard bug - similarly named passes merged with wizard may not work i.e. f/w/r/main and f/w/r/main2.

Warrior 8 Release 2019_05_23

Addresses known issues with 1903 Windows 10 release/update
Support for LIM Logging 6 channel telemetry and DIL sonde

Warrior 8 Release 2019_05_02

Support for USB44R8 with device temperature reading
Bug Fix, Usr tool module store/retrieve AdHoc Verifier references
Fix missing menu in Digital Distributable.
Generic Addressable Switch Interface for multiple switch types (Tru-Perf, Geodynamics, ISI, SRS)
DLIS import
Support for new DTLS with PAX meters. Fix Depth Control Setup - could get hung up while changing tabs in Control Panel.
Support for Integrated Solutions Inc Addressable Switch
Updates for Perf Job Plan, Stage Manager: New stage must be above previous. BRT has zero length, use BRT from service to change diagram. Show all shot attempts in shot log shortcut menu. Add Integrated Solutions fire type.
Various fixes related to Interactive Plot multiple presentations - Annotation editor, Plot Job editor, Merge, Pipe Tally.

Warrior 8 Release 2019_02_28

Interactive Plot - multiple presentations.

New Perforating Stage Manager for stage perforating.

DLIS and LAS3 export.

IMG tool module optional multi-finger eccentricity correction method has been improved and now has ellipticity correction.
Job Plan updates.
Shot At Depth latched when ShotFiring instead of ShotFired.
New Perforating Stage Manager for stage perforating.
Interactive Plot - Added multiple presentations. Each presentation in a separate tab. Multiple presentations can be set up per service. The multiple presentations will be saved with the log pass to be restored for future plots and will be listed in the plot job editor to select from.
Added DLIS and LAS3 export.
Ganged control of pipe (amplitude) gates and travel time thresholds for radial sectors of bond tools using the waveform monitor
Img tool module - option to allow and correct for eccentered calibration fixture. New charts available for calibration reports.
Support for Guardian Global Technologies VPM module
Updates for Guardian ART2-U tool support
Support for ANASW R18 (Auto Detect, more HWFilter options)

Warrior 8 Release 2018_10_31

Update for Guardian switches.
Shooting Voltage/Current calibrations are automatically stored and retrieved for panels that have memory capability.

Warrior 8 Release 2018_07_24

Fix LAS output while recording - stop index was not updating properly when output was cancelled.
Latest update of Windows Defender on Windows 10 (update 1803) may block the hardlock runtime service. Steps to fix the issue:
1) From the Start menu, type Windows Defender Security Center.
2) Select App & browser control.
3) Scroll down and select 'Exploit protection settings'.
4) Select 'Program settings'.
5) Select Add program to customize.Choose Add by program name.
6) Type in hasplms.exe. From the Program settings that pops up, set ASLR to OFF, and set DEP to ON.
7) Reboot.

Please contact SDS if you have any issues.
Regretfully, Windows XP can no longer be supported by Warrior.
Enhancements to speed up XY Plot.

Warrior 8 Release 2018_06_12

Job Plan - safety enhancements and high-resolution shot plot with or without log recording.

Warrior 8 Release 2018_05_25

Fix job plan inventory requirement for non-addressable tools
Fix Geolog CHAT tool calibration application when default not needed
Support for Geodynamics WRT tool and Perforating switches

Warrior 8 Release 2018_04_14

Support for Codemeter/WIBU security

Curve lists with offsets could push curves outside of assigned track.
Support for Guardian Global Technologies AFS addressable switches
Reducing db storage requirements when running ASFS or TruPerf addressable switches
Shooting Panel supporting new types including SHF1I that can combine positive or negative telemetry power and has current limiting capability
Perf Job Planner - Addressable switch activate interval is locked out until switch count matches anticipated count in job plan.
"correlation mode" support for Simple Reliable Systems addressable switches
Added support for Global Downhole Tools' EMT-R tool.
Support Simple Reliable Systems addressable switch and ballistic release technology
Updates to support shooting panel with telemetry power combine and current limiting hardware.
Support for "on the fly" perforating with the Probe and Titan shooting panels. (Option to sustain the "enabled" state while at safe depth and saftey key in "Arm" position).

Warrior 8 Release 2017_04_20001

Gauge library will not crash when data values are not well behaved numbers.
DBUtils now calculates free disk space correctly when packing a DB after deleting data.
ASCTEL device module update (delim= specifier)
IMG tool module now shows raw arm counts in calibration sampling window (previously count up of time)
Support for Probe 24 arm tool
Support for Titan Motorized Ballistic Freepoint Tool
Added shortcut for CSV (comma separated value) export to Database Utilities. Can export array data readable by Excel without the limitations of the ODBC exporter.

Warrior 8 Release 2016_11_14001

Global Build

Tools Editor - Change Backup/Restore to use same tree as main dialog. Select model/serial from tree instead of from two list boxes.

Warrior 8 Release 2016_10_17001

New DHTen tool module - multiple calibration types, option for "Probe Inc." correction.
IMG tool module allows specified user cal reports with new terms available for tolerance flagging (ref vs reading, linearity).

Warrior 8 Release 2016_09_01001

Warrior 8 Release 2016_08_19001

Windows 10 Anniversary Update compatibility

Support for Spartek HTHP toolstring
Installer will register 'wbu' file extension so double click will open Warrior Backup, Tools Editor, or Services Editor.
Added separate switch for color map units and range from format editor. VDL log insert can now have both the horizontal units/range and the output units/range where the output units/range is shown on top of the color map.
SDSUSB driver install for Warrior 8 is no longer backwards compatible with Warrior 7. To use both Warrior 7 and Warrior 8, install Warrior 7 after installing Warrior 8, or contact SDS for more assistance.
Rework color map log inserts. For the Image 3D type, the Units and Range should go with the color map only. The Label check box will show the Label, the ‘Show color map’ option will show the color map strip, and the Range will go with the color map. The color map name should not be in the log insert at all. Potato plot will show the label only. VDL will show the horizontal unit.

Warrior 8 Release 2016_6_29001

Can export LIS in units per Warrior Control Panel data unit selection.
Services Editor - When service exists during import, offer to import with different name.
Tools Editor - Change so user exports and imports one tool group at a time ( Logging, Accessory, TCP ).
Fix LIS import for time logs.
Support units translation for VDL data.

Warrior 8 Release 2016_3_30001

Enhancements and bugfixes

Fix Image3D shift in plot.

Warrior 8 Release 2016_3_01001

Enhancements and bugfixes

Bug fix signature and vdl error when plotting less than the entire range of data.
Depth persistence between service changes when using SDS hardware for depth tracking, users may want to disable appropriate warning in Control Panel
Support for Global Downhole Tools EMDS

Warrior 8 Release 2016_1_28001

Add Pure monochrome mode toggle via Control Panel - Plot tab. Makes a sharper font for direct monochrome plots.
Bug Fix. Calibration retrieval for muliple tool instances.

Warrior 8 Release 2016_1_18001

Global Build

Initial support for GPS devices such as Garmin that use NMEA messages and omit time synchronized pulse triggers
Initial support for Global Downhole Tools Noise and Accoustic Fluid Density Tools
Signature - Center or Minimum baseline option added. Sonic data should the Center option (original method). Use new Minimum option for spectra.
VDL - Apply max value to vdl dither if more data points than pixels.
Add following to logsys.ini to create alias for sensor names in tool diagram:


Warrior 8 Release 2015_10_22002

Global Build

Hardlock Driver Version 7.4.1
Auxilliary Power Supply support updates for TPAO and PICO type usage
Fractal PSAS support
Small correction to quick-look ECCE output from IMG tool module
Borehole corrected outputs for RSN and RLN resistivities based on borehole diameter and mud resistivity
Mathpack - Add ability to calculate live passes.
Tool support added for Scientific Drilling TFD (Fluid Density)
Support for Impact Selector Merlin
Support for Thermochem SRO
Countdown Timer for C&J addressable switches in ARM and FIRE settings. Correlation mode for GR-Perf now supported without need of changing services

Warrior 8 Release 2015_08_04001

Fix for undersampled HWS memory data. (Bad CCL)

Warrior 8 Release 2015_06_09003

Support for PICO SGR, Neutron

Warrior 8 Release 2015_06_06001

Support for Signum Instruments Tools - IFC, IDL, IAI, IWS, ITP
Fix multifinger caliper verification report issue (0 or random values in calibration report).
Accept underscores as valid characters in variable names for Mathpack formulas.
Not reading color map from pplot embedded presentation.
Support for OPMR panel including Hall Effect Sensor control
Initial diagnostic support for ASFS-HT and Secure-2 switches
Fix LIS Details tab display - was not showing correct output sample rate for each item. Fix LAS export from DBUtils - Format was starting up as CSV instead of LAS.
Plot screen preview not always in color
Removed File menu, and added New and SaveAs options to the 'Grid Layout menu.
Probe Lithodensity RHOB output updates (chi-squared substituted for Hanning)
Fix memory allocation error when deleting or overwriting a service and services.ini has a long list of services.
Fix the issue hampering recalc of data passes with Titan Shooting panel raw data.

Warrior 8 Release 2015_03_09001

Global Build 2015 Release

Fixed bug that could cause incorrect tracer ejetor/detector spacing calculation
Support for TELAH_R5 board added
Fix Spartek Err Count display
Borehole imaging rewrite to reduce banding in 3D images.
Deteq Elog tool relay support bug fix
LET-H and LET-P independent and automatic control of panel filter settings for correlate/perf mode

Warrior 8 Release 2015_01_13001

Added support for Hunter Well Science Multifinger Caliper tools
Spartek Accoustic Density with RTD support
Fix bug in FDP tool module software that was inhibiting user from making multipoint calibrations
Spartek SRO tool/telemetry support updated for used initiated tool configuration
For tools with multiple instances, all available serial numbers were not always shown in tool string editor.
Titan telemetry enhanced validation of Gowell embedded frames
Hotwell/Wellsun updates for RBT data transform
Inclinometor tool software now has optional filters for computed outputs such as deviation
Enhanced support for Benchmark AMS panels: 9600 or 38400 baud; panel depth now changes with Warrior.
Fix LAS and CSV 'Cancel at current depth' option when exporting live dataset - stop depth was not getting calculated correctly.
Fix bug sometimes preventing generation of composite logs or drag run profiles when multiple shot tables exist in the same run.
Fix bug causing depth errors when depth-shifted data is recalculated or extracted.

Warrior 8 Release 2014_11_06001

Add option to FlowVelocity for injection well calculations.
ASCTEL bug fix correcting the "Kerr" communication options
Fix hot var scroll setting. Increase size of hot var dialog.
Prestemp tool module software will cater to temperature outputs based on the QD pressure type algorithm.
AuxPS device (Auxialliary power) support for SDS version 2 board (OPAQ) controlling PS1 for caliper motoring
Gowell Caliper mtc files now have optional terms that can override defaults for DEVI output calculation
Correct the 3 axis inclination calculation in INCL software
Can copy a tool to a new name from tools editor.
Add option to setup screen for automatic file naming.
When exporting a live pass, another button will show up that will enable the user to cancel the export at the current log depth.

Warrior 8 Release 2014_07_22001

Schlumberger ASFS identifying Julia and Eclipse switches for query options as well as specific firing messages. Added audible beep for ECLIPSE while firing for a six second (minimum needed to ensure correct operation).
Inclinometer tool module has new calibration type option (inclined calibration points with vertical reference). Additionally there is an optional RB Offset calibration to correct for RB reading with a reference point (caliper finger 1 for example).
Query of "Julia" addressable switches supported
Allow to edit API code for DEPTH,TIME for LAS export.
Fix 'Blue View Compatible' tiff creation for 32bit versions.
Support for new CBL1 R10 Filter board

Warrior 8 Release 2014_05_23001

Support for new Hotwell radial bond, multifinger caliper, and production logging tools
Model Specific option for Tel ID added to FDP, CWH and CFB modules
When restoring a configuration from Warrior 7, each service and tool will be restored individually.

Warrior 8 Release 2014_05_14001

Sentinel HASP version 6.62 driver update - Fix for 'Driver Version mismatch' error.
C&J addressable switch updates to cater for short condition
Well objects - no limit to number of depth intervals per object. Save last object ratio to be used as default for next time.
Enabled vertical annotations from annotation editor.
CSV template could include a signature curve that would break an LAS export.
Add zoned scale changes for digital distributable.
Fix for Signature and VDL plots - plots with nonzero offset not calculated correctly.

Warrior 8 Release 2014_04_11001

Fix for extra long tiff files on 32bit installs.
Fix CYSDA surface data acquistion module sample recording issue
Added multi-line annotations. Annotation editor can accept carriage returns for line breaks within an annotation. Otherwise a long annotation will be wrapped when the text reaches the left or right border.
Warrior Export - dialog is resizeable. Can clear default sample rate.
Tool string editor - fix issue with removing/changing serialized accessory tools.
Added BlueView Compatible option for Tiff LZW from Tiff Setup dialog. If your particular viewer cannot open your tiff file, then try this option.
Eclipse addressable switch support update, issue of staying locked in Query mode (not reverting to Arm) fixed.

Warrior 8 Release 2014_03_19001

Global Build

Added support for Pioneer Petrotech PPS71 SRO tool/telemetry support

Warrior 8 Release 2014_03_07002

GOWell multifinger caliper tool mtc files can have optional relative bearing (RB) offsets declared that will initialize the RB calibration offset used in processing
New XYPlot. Setup procedure is slightly different. See Help from XYPlot for more details
Pdf and tiff now have separate horizontal and vertical resolutions. If you don’t edit anything then the resolutions are equal as they were before the change was made. For example, the Printrex 920 resolution is 300x200, so to make an image compatible with that printer it would need to have similar resolutions.
Updates for Probe (PTX) scripted telemetry for 32 bit channels, masking available
Updated support for Titan NextGen telemetry to have user scripted commands available from the device monitor
Correct PLL multiplier options for PIP panel
ECLIPSE addressable switches now recognized during perforating services
24 bit channel support for Probe scripted telemetry
From Format Editor -> Layout : Can edit custom layout/grid for current format or all layouts. Made two separate menu items to clarify what layout is being edited.
For ASFS, set all gun addresses to -1 after fire detected to force user to inventory gun before perforating next interval.
Bug fix to conversion factors for variable units of flow measurements (vuFLOW). Conversion between BPD, BPM, M3D were scaled incorrectly
Bypass rate output, calculation based on WHFLOW1 (pumping pressure), LSPD (cable speed), Casing OD and Casing thickness
Warrior gauge updates: Numeric gauge will now honor the background color, so some gauges may start up with a white background that were gray before. Use the gauge properties to set the background color. You can now select the font size in addition to the font style and override the number of characters to determine the font size. You can set a default font for all gauges from the Warrior Control Panel -> Acquisition tab.
Added option to multiarm IMG module for displaying image to scale. With this option, image 3D and potato plots will change size as different sized casing are logged rather than auto-scaling the image.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_09_06001

Global Build

Database Utilities - resizeable dialogs for Alias, Differential, Correlation Curves, Depth Shift, Automerge, Rename.
Mathpack - fix time log outputs.
XY Caliper: CALA (Average Caliper) logged range is now correct; the system hang-up at the end of a recaclulation has been corrected.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_08_07001

SDSTEL support for memory frame definitions
Database select dialog now resizeable for longer database/dataset names.
Remove watermark from pdf documents.
Resizeable database select dialogs - handle long names better.
SP Process option added to DELOG tool module. The default is "No", the tool configuration should now add the SP software module and service configuration be updated with "spoffset" and "spcalibrate" in the SDSTIP options for extra funcionality
Tracer detectors option for output units (GAPI, cps or None)
Support for new Deteq ELOG tool with directional data
Fixes for the SIMPLEC RAG service (uses monocable option)
Updated WAMNCH telemetry services to offer downlink slider
Updated Katwell telemetry monitor to control switchable uplink baud rate

Warrior 8 Release 2013_07_02001

Sentinel HASP version 6.56 for Windows 8 support.
Fix error message during Autobackup.
Fix issues with Spartek PLtelemetry utilizing 16 sensor channels and self identifying centralizers
Add CSV (Comma Separated Value) export option to Warrior Export program.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_06_12001

PXD Boot Loader enhancements
Control Panel External Power Supply type selection (for appropriate hardware) added to Acquisition Configuration
Spectral Gamma Ray tool software using new monitor, supporting preliminary AlphaNeutronics tool type. Raw window count outputs now available (specific tool types)
Support for KatWell Magnetic Thickness Tool
Support for Permaworks PTS01 modified telemetry frame
Support for Titan Compensated Neutron (4ATM)
Enhancement to allow serial port sharing between devices such as ASCTEL and SERMON

Warrior 8 Release 2013_04_10001

Added support for Kuster PT tool telemetry frame
JPT/GOWell TSGT telemetry updates for sequential frame index checking/reporting
Fix ability to add live pass to plot job. To cancel a live hardcopy from Interactive Plot, select File -> 'Abort the current log plot' from Presentation Plot.
Titan "Next Gen" user configurable telemetry initial support (tested with 8 sector bond tool, GR-CCL, GOWell 40 arm caliper)
USR tool module software updated for optional Verification Survey References and Master Verification without Master Calibration
Fix issue with Probe OH Compensated Neutron missing calibration terms from report.
Update Probe Hi-res Dual Laterolog to include before/after verifications
Multifinger Caliper raw sensor readings (non temperature corrected) available for calibration reports.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_02_11001

Applied Freepoint Tool, external power supply support.
Format Editor has simple interface for lists of curves (for example, R1, R2, R3, ... R40 now via R*).
Kuster Telemetry Monitor to more easily visualize tool synchronization.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_01_07001

Updated Warrior USB device drivers (Cypress 3.04.0007.0000)
Slider gain control available for digital CCL signals, configured in the tool module setup.
Katwell Telemetry support for multifinger caliper tools, magnetic thickness tools, gyro tool, GR-Temp tool.
ACE 1000 Telemetry support for Open Hole logging tools.
Add selectable unit for porosity - decimal or percentage.
Hunter Well Service PFMT Telemetry support. High Temp Production Logging.

New for Warrior 8

The Warrior 8 release includes many new features incuding support for Unicode, unlimited database size, and 64bit capabilities.

Other new features include:

  • Higher resolution sampling.
  • Realtime multifinger centralization corrections. *
  • Memory Logging (support for Probe UniTool, GOWell and Hunter Well Science). *
  • Easier LAS/LIS export using templates.
  • More complete tool and service backup/restore. Tool diagrams,scripts, formats will all be included.
  • Tools editor will show Logging tools and Accessory tools. Accessory tools can have serial numbers but no software, and can overlay existing tools.
  • Data export - full waveforms can now be exported/imported to/from MSAccess.
  • Multiple pass automerge - easier to sort and scroll.
  • Enhanced control panel.
  • More options for printing to an image.
  • Can use pdf for plot job input.
  • New Installshield installer.
  • Enhanced perf job planner.
  • Interactive plot now a split window with scrollable scales.

* Requires separate license

Warrior 8 databases cannot be read by previous versions of Warrior, but Warrior 8 can read older databases.
Windows XP:

The minimum operating system supported is Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Known issues on Windows XP:

Microsoft has updated the list of third-party certification authorities that are trusted by Windows but on Windows XP this update is not installed automatically. The user must download and install the update package (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931125).

Without this update, Warrior programs may give an 0x800b010a error when starting as the system is unable to verify the digital signature of certain system files. Alternatively, the user can install the two intermediate certificates (primary and secondary) which are found in the Warrior Bin folder. These give an alternative path back to a trusted root certificate.
Multifinger caliper:
Removed presentation options for 'Make window bigger' and 'Bulge factor'. Warrior 7 plots will match Warrior 8 plots by setting both of those parameters to 0 in Warrior 7.