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Warrior Cased / Open Hole Software version 081212 released on 12-16-2008


Scientific Data Systems, Inc. has released Warrior Software version 081212 for both Cased Hole and Open Hole Systems. Click here to download a copy. Release Notes for Warrior Cased / Open Hole 081212 can be viewed here

Please post your feedback or usage experience of this release software, we will use your feedback to improve and add more features on the next release of Warrior Software.

Dear Admin

Please ,, Could you post a manual of Warrior 8.0 for open hole , I have a cased hole only

Thank you admin.

We just want to use it with Hotwell logging tools ( ACE5000) .

Thank you again


You can use the Warrior Field Operation Manual from the download section of our website. This manual is for both Open Hole and Cased Hole systems.
The specific hardware manual for open hole system is different from one open hole system to another, you can contact Hotwell if you need the specific hardware manual.



Thank you Admin


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