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CySTD Error


Hi Guys,

I'm using upgraded interface panel 7.0 and getting a "CySTD device not communicating" error. Key code have been installed, USB Cable is connected to CPU and CTR, DAS, DSP cables are connected. I also checked in device manager and all drivers are working properly (aladdin usb and general usb drivers).
Could this be an internal issue with the key?


Brandon LaFleur
IPS Tech

Did you install the drivers when Windows said that a new device was found?

Quite often, I have this kind of problem as everything was working fine in workshop or lab,the only way is to kill warrior processes, and shutdown STIP panel, and then power up panel,load Warrir (071120).
It seems the USB interface problem, I have to reinitial this USB device (CySTD), then it starts to work again.

If the main power ground is not good enough, I would have this problem more often, e.g. if you switch on the high watts heater, most probably, you got CySTD not communicating.
This happens more often in winter, most workshop are dry and electrostatic is more serious then summer in north.
This is also different from computer to computer, it happens more often on some laptops, some less in the same room.

So, is this potential problem from STIP/Warrior or is this bugs from USB with powered external device?
Anyhow, if computer and STIP are grounded very well, this problem is less, but I never had problem with USB printer, this is also powered external USB device.

So if I determine that my USB driver did not get installed, can it be installed without reinstalling the whole program?  I would try using Device Manager, but I am not an administrator on this machine so it won't let me make any changes.  If I need to use Device Manager, I can get someone with admin rights.

To make sure the drivers are not installed, go to Add/Remove programs and see if there is a 'Windows Driver Package - Scientific Data Systems, Inc. USB Devices' installed.  If not, you can use SDSUSB.exe from your 'Program Files\Scientific Data Systems\Drivers folder to install.


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