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Warrior 8.12 running slow with Team viewer?

Started by 123, May 18, 2020, 03:36:09 AM

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Is there a know issue with running Warrior 8 and having team viewer (and/or any other softwares) installed on your logging computer.
I experience the toolstring editor running incredibly slow when having team view installed. Also, opening the "edit logging tool details" in warrior utilities is expremely painfull.


The slower response of some applications under TeamViewer might be considered an issue but it is not a Warrior bug. When opening an app, the things you see on the screen (such as lists and trees) must be loaded up with each detail they may need to present. Usually thousands of these details are found in a typical Warrior tool or service file. Even though the image on the screen may not change as each detail comes in, the remote computer waits until each update is complete before continuing, which takes many times longer over the network than it does on the local machine.

If you must remotely edit tool and service files frequently, it would probably be faster to transfer the data file and edit it locally.


Thanks. Seems like the toolstring editor is running slow only by having team viewer installed, but not running..