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Started by mmartino, May 11, 2019, 09:32:03 AM

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Hello, Im wondering if there is a way to replicate data entered into the heading into another panel of the same heading. We have the same data (well name, company name, field, etc. ) that is vertical and horizontal in a different panels of the same heading. Since I input that data in one panel I would like the system to copy that data automatically in the the other panel. Is there any way to do that???
Regards, Matias.


Yes. Some of the standard heading formats do that already, but the amount of space isn't necessarily equal so what fits in one may be too long for the other.

If you're familiar with Windows Notepad, you can edit heading formats yourself. If you prefer, send your format to us and we can make the change for you.


It would be easy for me to send you the file and you do it. But I prefer  an explanation so I can learn how to do it. Please copy some of the code where it does that, and do a brief explanation and i will try it here.
Regards, Matias.


Have a look at the stdopen.hdg file in notepad, search for {CONAME}.  There are two areas in the heading that refer to the 'Company'.  The sideways text fills in as soon as you enter the Company on main screen, or you could click on the sideways version and enter the company name there and it will refill on the main screen.  So all you need to do is have the same key word in brackets for every duplicate area and as you fill in one, the other will be filled in automatically.


Got it working, thanks. ;D