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Issue about Hardkey vs Software key on Chip-A panel

Started by dung nguyen, March 30, 2017, 11:21:52 PM

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dung nguyen


We have one Chip-A panel integrated on our logging system, we use Warrior version from Halliburton ( 7.03B) to connect with CHIP. In Chip panel have one hardkey inside, however only key number U9784  but no have any serial. When we plug or unplug this USB key into Chip panel so Warrior soft still run normally in both case( we use software key supplied by Halliburton for this PC). So we 'd like to know some things about this issue:
- While we only use software key. What's the purpose of the hardkey inside the Chip panel in this case ?
- We also have some STIP panel before, Can we use this hardkey to run on Stip panel ? How can we get serial number for this hardkey?
- Can we use another PC installed Warrior 7.03B  to run with CHIP? 

Rgds.. Dung Nguyen



Halliburton/Warrior version 7.03B does not use the Warrior key for security but it should remain plugged into the CHIP because information about the panel is stored on it. Although the panel works for the test you've made, it might NOT work in other circumstances.

If you have a STIP panel without a key installed you will have to contact SDS by telephone or email to discuss purchasing a new key and license.

Rich W.

dung nguyen


When we unpluged USB key , we've just checked some tools with Chip panel by Warrior 7.03B on the surface so everything is ok . But we haven't tried yet, when logging in well and it can be not work like you said.

At present, our unit is single system ( only one PC and some panel ) so I've tried install Warrior 7.03B on another PC to backup in case main PC fail. However, it didn't work. I've also tried copy license key Halliburton supplied from main PC but it still not work. I think Halliburton just support one license key for only one PC. So that if main PC fail, your job fail.

Anyway , tnks so much for your help

Rgds.. Dung Nguyen