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Is there a step by step Software installation tutorial for newbie like me?

Started by New Warrior User, September 02, 2008, 03:57:25 PM

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New Warrior User

I am a first time Warrior Software user. I need a guide on how to install Warrior Software on a new computer with Windows XP.


Hello Newbie.

Just insert the Warrior Software CD into CD-ROM, the auto-played menu will pop up. Click on Warrior Installation link on the menu. Follow the instruction on screen. If you need a step by step guide, you can download from our website. If you need to watch the step by step video on Warrior Software installation, visit video tutorial to download.

New Warrior User

Hello Ni,

I followed your instruction to download the step by step guide, but after installed Warrior Software release 071220 and reboot my computer. It asked for driver installation. I clicked OK, but I got the error message "Driver installation failed" Can you help me fix the driver installtion failed issue.




Apparently, we received many calls regarding driver failed to install the last 2 months. It was our signed driver certificate included with Warrior Software 071220 expired. We will include a new certificate for signed driver on the next Warrior Software release.  You can download the newer version of Warrior Software version 081212 on our website.