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Any way to optimize custom tool diagrams (or any reccomendations)

Started by mawrick, May 22, 2014, 10:18:01 AM

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We traditionally have used our own in house drawings for tool diagrams - AFAIK they are drawn using Excel, and then exported and imported into Warrior.

However to me Warrior seem much faster when one uses the original (basic) drawings that comes with warrior - at leasr when working inside the toolstring diagram etc.

So was wondcering if there is any recommendation on how to optimize custom drawings - or will it have to be slow with custom drawings ?
(The ones we use are "filled" on the body of the tool, and look a bit 3D like so I presume they are a bit "heavier" than the original ones - but still.


The more complex drawings will take a bit longer to draw.


Does size of the original drawings matter - or doesn't it matter as long as they are scaled/shrunk down within the red "area" in the tooldrawing editor?.