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Depth Encoder and Tension signal for STIP (CPF)



Could you please advise what type of encoder and tension signal is required for STIP (CPF) ?

-          Which signal does it need for the tension ( eg 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA)?
-          Which voltage level for the encoder? Is it TTL or HTL or Open Collector?

Please help.


The tension input is set up for 4-20ma signal, but with a slight modification to the USB44 board, it will work with a 0-10V signal. The encoder inputs have pull up resistors that feed into a 4050 level translator, so almost any encoder input will work. We recommend the BEI H20EB.

Hi, I wan to know the part No, of 7 pin (Encoder) and 5 pin (Tension) connectors.
Can any body help for this?


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