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LAS and LIS export

Started by DLC, December 11, 2013, 10:08:07 AM

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The exporter for LIS and LAS are rediculous. There needs to be a way to make an LAS template or at least a way to select multiple curves to turn off. Even an turn all off would be better than what you have now. The LIS needs better functionality for producing templates as well. There is also the problem where if you cancel the LIS exporting process you get a blue screen of death.


Warrior 7 has a prototype exporter that will create templates for both LAS and LIS - try ExportEx.exe in your Warrior\bin32 folder.  Click on the Help button from the ExportEx window for more details.  The standard exporter in Warrior 8 continues with that style along with some more features.  If you are still getting a BSOD with the latest Warrior version, then please contact me directly -


I have been using that for lis's for years and never used it once for las.  ::)