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Warrior File Conversion from Warrior Software 6.4 to Warrior Software 7.0

Started by Tony Gracia, September 02, 2008, 03:09:55 PM

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Tony Gracia

I wish there were a GUI utility built-in Warrior Software 7.0 that can convert all my configuration files like tool string, warrior.ini, tools.ini, services.ini, presentation formats, scripts, and logo file from 16 bit Warrior Software 6.4 to 32 bit Warrior Software 7.0


There is a conversion utility built-in Warrior Software release 071220. You have to open it manually at this directory C:\Warrior\Bin32\WarConv.exe
You may need to download the Warrior Setup guide "Setup New Computer to run Warrior Software.pdf" attached to this reply below.

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