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Warrior Caliper Correction Software Module for Warrior 8 is available now.


Scientific Data Systems has released the first version of the Caliper Correction Module for the Warrior Well Logging System.
Modern multi-fingered calipers have sufficient resolution to aid in the identification of casing features on the order of thousandths of inches in radial change.  Unfortunately, the response to these features as measured by the individual fingers is often overwhelmed by the effect of the tool not being centralized. One tenth of an inch of tool eccentering can degrade the data to the point of being uninterpretable.
SDS has created a unique solution to this problem with the new Caliper Correction Module which automatically corrects the caliper data in real-time and enables quality control while logging. Tool positioning anomalies are removed to reveal the underlying geometries and features that exist within the interior casing wall.

•   Runs real-time while logging and in post-processing mode
•   Easy to run – minimal parameter setup
•   Assists greatly with log interpretation and quality control
•   Client distributable viewer CD/DVD can be generated at the wellsite
•   Integrated with Warrior logging system – no format conversions needed
•   Works with all multi-fingered caliper tools

Contact Scientific Data Systems, Inc. 281-550-1109


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