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Warning Message of CYSTD

Started by peter.zhang, June 09, 2011, 12:25:05 AM

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Dear all,
"Unable to communicate with CySTD (0). Cycle the panel and re-start acquisition." pops up when we powered up the tool to +/- 120VDC to open or close the motor. We changed to another Warrior Panel and another laptop but no difference.
Another tool is good if we power on quickly.
Could you tell me is that warning message related to tool problem?


Loss of comuninications in this manner is normally caused by a current surge that puts a spike on the usb signals. Check the USB cable connections and routing of USB cable


Hi , I have similar Warning, can you help us with any issue to verify the panel

CySTD      Warning WARNING - possible USB bus issue - power safety/shutdown procedure invoked
CySTD      Warning WARNING - USB bus Report Retry Errors detected for 3.1 seconds