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Warrior system 7.0 CLI for warrior WExport.exe and ExportEx.exe


Is there a release scheduled that will support command line interface interaction with WExport.exe?   We were needing this feature to improve some of our processes and this feature would be of great help. 

Additionally, we need to access the output of the headers (like the raw data in HEdit32).   

Also, does anyone have advice on how I might be able to use warodbc.ini to help me in this area?

ExportEx has a command line interface. 

ExportEx –db [database] –ds [dataset] –et [exporttemplate] –out [out directory] – outn [output file name] –type [INSITE, LIS or LAS]. 

ODBC does not export any heading information.

Great.  Could you give an example?  I am trying the CLI, but it is just taking me to the GUI, maybe there are quotes are params I am not understanding...

Also, I noticed in the ExportEx GUI, you can include a header.  Is that possible with the CLI?


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