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warback32.exe-Application error??


When starting warrior immediately an error message pops up stating: "THE INSTRUCTION AT OX77F596B5 REFERENCE MEMORY AT OXFFFFFFF8, THE MEMORY COULD NOT BE READ. CLICK OK TO TERMINATE PROGRAM."

Long story short warrior backup does not work at all. Is there a software fix? I re installed warrior with no success, same problem.

warrior version: 071220

So this never has worked since you installed the program or did it quit working?  What operating system are you using?  There are some newer releases on the downloads page unless you have the Pulse Only release, although there have not been any fixes to the backup program.  Does the error pop up when you load Warrior Backup or when you attempt to back up something?  You can contact me directly if you need to discuss in more detail.


It happened suddenly. It used to work. It happens as soon as warrior opens or if you click on back up. Either time this error message pops up. I haven't yet installed the most recent version of warrior, but I did upgrade to the previous release. The error still occurs. Do I have to go into the bin32 folder and delete each back up file and reinstall them there or can I just dith the entire bin32 folder and reinstall it from a computer that I know warrior back up works?

Problem happens when what warrior program opens?  How much free space on your hard drive?  Maybe you need to manually remove some of your old warrior backup files.  If problem still happens, you might have to do a new install of the latest release.


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