Author Topic: Warrior 8 MULTI-FINGER CALIPER AND PIPE TALLY Guide  (Read 15600 times)


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The Warrior Logging Software supports imaging tools that include a wide range of multi-arm or multi-finger caliper tools supplied by different manufacturers such as Sondex, Hotwell, Probe, Katwell, GoWell, and Spartek Systems. The various caliper tools may have from 12 to 60 fingers. The Warrior software presents the readings from the fingers as radii or diameters. In addition, many presentations will also present a 3 dimensional image of the caliper log.

One of the problems with multi-finger caliper tools is when the tool is not centered in the wellbore, the readings of the diameters measured may not be correct. With the tool not centered, the diameters perpendicular to the high / low axis will read smaller than actual size, showing an eccentric pipe. Warrior Software has a Caliper Processing package available as a supplement to the Warrior 8 Software that corrects the eccentric caliper readings in real time. The Caliper Processing software would replace the third party software that is normally used after the well is logged as post processing in the office or processing center.

Click Here to see the Warrior 8 MULTI-FINGER CALIPER AND PIPE TALLY Guide in PDF format. (You can also Right-Click and Save As... to your computer for future viewing)

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